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In 1968, five women were traveling to a Federated Women’s Club meeting in Enterprise. One woman said, “We really need a place in Meridian for all of our clubs to meet.” They all agreed, and another woman added, “I know just the place, that home over on 31st Avenue is about to be destroyed, and it is too beautiful to lose.” With that thought, a vision, and lots of determination, The Meridian Restorations Foundation was formed by the members of the nine Federated Women’s Clubs of Meridian. They purchased the home, and the lengthy restoration process was begun. Their dream became a reality. Today, the home is used for club meetings and is rented to the public for weddings, receptions, and parties. It is a tourist attraction and is open daily for tours.

Join us in celebrating and preserving one of Meridian’s most historic and beautiful landmarks along with her neighbor, the exceptional F.W. Williams home. Become a “Friend of Merrehope“ today. Visit and take a tour. Shop in Merrehope’s Eugenia Gift Shop. Hold your next special event there. Use your skills and talents as a volunteer. Honor her with your donations. Join the momentum, and let’s give these treasures the love and care they deserve, so they can be enjoyed today and for future generations.
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